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Calling all Hawaii Pagans

from: Pagan Unity Campaign
re: Primary Election Reminder
date: 1/26/2008
contact: Morag Grayheart, Hawaii State Chair (

Eh brah, it's that time again.  "What time," you ask?  Time to take our voices to the polls and vote!  This is another friendly reminder from the folks at Pagan Unity Campaign reminding you to get out there and get your voices heard!  Voting is a great way for us to show our leaders that we, as Pagans, have a voice and we're not shy about using it!
Living in Hawaii, it's our kuleana to make our beautiful state a better place by electing better leaders! Ones who will see this place as we do. And Hawaii makes it so easy to register to vote! Just go to your local post office and pick up a Wiki Wiki voter registration form, and then mail it into the appropriate office. If you think you won't be on island for election day, fill out an absentee voting registration form -- voting from the comfort of your own home!

Remember brah, we're not telling you how to vote, we're just encouraging you to get out there and DO IT!! What you stay waiting for? You've got nothing to lose...except beautiful Hawaii Nei.
So Vote It Be!!

Morag Grayheart
Hawaii State Chair 
Pagan Unity Campaign
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